Castlebrimstone Reborn!

Dear Friends

We wish to announce the rebirth of our website!

Castlebrimstone was setup almost 15 years now. Wow, time flies when you are having fun! Looking back over the years, we certainly had evolved. Started from just simple 1/6th kit bashing to figures customizing, and todayt we are venturing into bigger projects such as dioramas and vehicles.

Throughout the years, we still remain true to our  objective to constantly build the best in custom 1/6th scale action figures and accessories, experiment with new techniques, learn and share our work and have fun along the way.

We wish to thank all our friends for your continuous support, inspiration and feedback.

What’s new in our website?

  1. Pretty fancy website setup, we hope to impress and enhance your browsing experience 🙂
  2. Enhanced Gallery page to show our work
  3. Our Blog will be back! Yep after gone missing for many many years now, we are getting the blog section back again. Unfortunately the past contents were lost, however we hope to bring you new materials, namely our Tutorials


We hope you like our new updates and hope you will continue to support us.