How To : Build a Display Base with Grass Effects

Howdy Folks,

Here is a simple how to post. Hope this inspires and of good use 😉

Get a block and paint it black

For this tutorial we used a L 3” X W 3” X H 2.5” wooden block. You may use any size of block, wooden / plywood  whichever your prefer. We then painted it with acrylic black and set to cure

You got grass?

Yup we used fake carpet grass! There are a variety in the market today, we chose a semi dense version as seen in the picture

Lets plant some grass

We cut to few chunks (using a basic scissors) and then attached to the base using a hot glue gun. We angled the chunks randomly as you may notice, if we used a whole sheet without cutting chunks out – the grass will just have a similar angle and look kinda uniform. We were aiming for a battle scene, and not a football pitch :p (hope you understand this bit). Tip : the bigger chunks reinforced with a few screws

Haircut time

Trimming randomly on the static grass – you decide on the depth of the grass so go wild

Here comes the Dirt

Using white glue, we brushed on to the areas the dirt going to be attached. We applied gravel to represent stones and then next packed in finer dirt. Cover all the spots , push the dirt in and if needed add glue. Tip : best to cook your dirt before applying – you really don’t want some real growth popping out months after

Take a break

Let the whole base cure 24 – 48 hours. Shake off some loose dirt

Final touches

Touch up the base with acrylic black, add some dirt or trim some runaway grass blades and if you wish – you may paint the grass, dust your base a bit or add a tarp/litter/spent shells/name plaque etc

Below are samples of our works…. A base really brings out the scene and compliments the theme of figure

Hope this how to tutorial gives you an idea how we build our “grassy” bases. Let us know if it helps, and if you tried it, do share with us your work or your feedback. Thanks for looking fellas.