Go-Truck’s Barrier Set – Review

Another great product from Go-Truck, this time we will review the Defense Barrier Set.

Widely deployed in Afgan and where the conflict is in the middle east, barricades or blast walls play an important role to protect and shield the armed forces from attacks. Easy to deploy and strong as hell, these barricade saves lives.

Unboxing Barrier Set

Go-Truck did a remarkable job to replicate the barriers! The set comes with 2 folded barrier off different heights with spiral hinges securing the wire mesh….. you just need to expand and pour in the dirt…. hot damn its like the real thing! The “canvas” is made from fabric which looks to scale, our only turn off is the logo on the canvas…. The set comes with L beams and also a roll of barb wire.

Looks pretty darn good eh?

This is definitely an accessory for diorama builders out there. Hope this review was helpful.

We will be constructing a diorama for this soon. So stay tuned!