I always had this setup in mind : young and energetic SS, mid war, standard field grey tunic, full gear and ready for battle. Stormtrooper is literally the translation for the rank Sturmann, which in my opinion suits this figure’s badass image. Lotsa work placed in repainting, reworking, modifying and weathering. I personally enjoy this build and its my favorite custom by far. Hope you do too!

  • Headsculpt : Tony Barton’s & Repainted
  • Body : DML Modified
  • Hands : DML Bendy hands modified with fabric mitten
  • M43 Tunic & Pants : DID reworked
  • M24 Stick Grenade : DML modified, painted & weathered
  • Display base : Castlebrimstone Custom
  • Belt & Y-Strap – DML modified & weathered
  • Binoculars, Ammo Pouch, Bread Bag, Canteen, Zeltbahn : DML modified, improved & weathered
  • E-tool, Bayonet, Gas Mask Canister with Gas Cape Bag : DML modified, improved & weathered
  • A-Frame : Scratch Build
  • M42 Helmet : DML modified, painted & weathered
  • Boots : DML modified, painted & weathered
  • MP40 : DML painted & weathered with custom sling